Technical Artist for Rigging and Maya Tools

My name is Stephen and I specialize in rigging and Maya tools. I have been using the Unreal Engine for over a year specifically dealing with importing animations and implementation.

If you are looking for someone with this skill set, please do not hesitate to contact me for future game jams or paid work!

Skills: 3D Rigging (Maya Preferred but I have access to Blender and 3ds Max)

  • 3 years for rigging
  • 1 year in indie game development


  • Model Skinning
  • Control Rig creation
  • Mechanical Rigging
  • Tool Design for Maya
  • Blueprint Assistance
  • Importing/Exporting FBX files
  • Animation testing

Previous Work:
Heavy Gear Assault - Studio MekTek, Inc.


Skype: KohnarForever

Additional Information: Located on United States East Coast. If I don’t respond between the hours of 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM during that time, I will get back to you sometime around 7:00 AM.

Stephen is very skilled at what he does and is very friendly to work with, I highly recommend him.