Technical artist / Envirement artist / Blueprint programmer

Looking for a remote job (with ability to move later, as now I cannot…).

Real Name: Alex Blintsov
Location: Russia, Moscow

Jobs looking for: Script programming (Blueprints, including network), Technical artist, Level designer.
Busyness type: Full time (8 hours per day, 5 days a week).
Experience & Skills

UE skills:

  • Main editor (envirement setup)
  • Blueprints (includind network)
  • AI / Behavior Tree
  • Materials (including custom HLSL)
  • Lighting and postprocess
  • Basics particles skills
  • Basics animation skills
  • Profiling and optimization skills


  • Knowledges of rendering pipeline, some skills in GLSL and HLSL shader programming
  • Modelling (3Ds Max, Maya, substance painter, photoshop, speed tree)
  • Web developing (HTML, JS, WebGL)

UE experience: 2 years + couple months of UDK
Other engines: Have no much experiance (a bit in CryEngine and Stingray). Ready to learn if needed.

Other skills:
Knowledges of rendering pipeline, some experience of writing GLSL shaders
Modelling (Hard Surface, PBR, SubDiv)
Some character animation experience
Web (HTML, CSS, JS, WebGL)
UE4 related professional experience: - Community leader
Direction: Marketing & Education
Period: 2014 - Till present

I have launched this community in July 2014. Since then our community became the biggest community in CIS countries. We have more than >20k youtube subscribers, >5k registered users + >6k users in our social user group.

Warhold (UE4) - Technical artist & Level designer
Direction: Game development
Period: 2015 - Till present

  • Level design
  • Optimizing graphical part of the game
  • UE4 team support
  • Working with materials & shaders
  • Working with lighting and postprocess
  • Programming



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Blueprints and materials:

Own projects:

Feel free to offer other jobs or other conditions.
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Not hiring but im willing to pay for a lesson in how you did ur most recent soft body physics! And im serious :slight_smile: