Technical animator

Hi guys

We’re looking for a technical animator to join our team.

You must have a skillset that covers everything from blueprint-driven animations and an understanding of features new to 4.16 all the way to rigging, skinning and animating characters in your 3D program of choice. Some skill animating is a plus but not totally necessary.

You will be working with our existing animator on a demo for a period of between one to three months. You’ll be working on an innovative episodic VR project unlike anything else currently out or in development. Having your own VR hardware is a plus but not mandatory. We have a desire to extend the project to run long term.

The team is distributed across the world so working remotely on a decent internet connection is required.

Contact me at [EMAIL=“”] No PMs on the forums or replies to the thread please.

This position has now been filled, my apologies to all of those who I did not find time to reply to, I still have your contact details. Keep an eye on my posts as we’ll be looking for more traditional animators shortly.