Tech Tree Editor Extension

Tech Tree Editor plugin is released!


I am working on Tech Tree Editor extension which allows to define both Visuals (layout) and Logic (graph nodes). Creating Skill / Technology trees, never was simpler, everything is in just one place!

Plugin is ready (submitted to the marketplace), you can grab it already here:

Horizontal Tree Example:

  • Nodes with yellow outline are selected (default UE4 selection) - allows you to modify properties

Vertical Tree Example:

  • Light blue boundaries line shows how much area is reserved for a widget, can be modified

Custom Tree Example (center):

UMG preview (in game):

**Additional Editor properties:


Custom Tree Asset:


Designing in editor:

  • there is only one place do define your graph with visuals, nodes arrangements and connections
  • it uses the same Blueprint Graph Editor already known
  • provides snapping, so nodes can be easily moved around, being well positioned
  • every graph node is using separate UserWidget provides maximum flexibility
  • fully customizable - nodes widgets, lines, colors, background, thickness, arrows

Preview as all other widgets:

  • creates UWidget which can be placed wherever you want in UMG with TechTree asset assigned
  • automatically updates UMG to provide final look of the widget
  • this widget is used for run-time purposes so you can modify it even further to fit your needs

In Game

  • provided look is exactly the same like Editor designed graph
  • every node asset has unique technology associated, can be easily modified
  • every function you need to work with tech / skill trees is exposed to blueprints
  • saved / loaded with UE4 serialization without problems

Goal references:
Civ -…c4e4fce91f.jpg
Poe -
Black Desert online -…tSkillTree.jpg
Other -

Please guys let me know **what do you think? **If you have any **requests **and if you are going to find this plugin useful!

Here are some references to the common tech / skill trees you can create with a plugin:

Anyone interested about this full integration with graph nodes?:rolleyes:

I am interested in this :slight_smile:

I was actually about to start going down this road for my project. I am highly interested in this as its a huge time saver and if you can make it do acyclic with potentially multiple parents and further nodes that have no parents that would be even more amazing.

I.E. This VVVV


Hey Arixsus, yeah it’s going to be fully customizable, not sure about curvy lines (if I will find time for making Cubic Hermite spline for connections), it will come later for sure.
Nodes, lines and background are your own widgets so what you do is completely up to you :slight_smile:

Tech Tree Designer is resubmitted for last approval and will be soon available in the marketplace.
Please check documentation already - Tech Tree Editor Designer - Google Docs

You can also grab plugin from Sellfy with 10% discount - Tech Tree Editor Designer - Tefel

I got a question:


Answer is Yes!
Yes this tree can be achieved in custom (center) mode, where middle of the node connects with middle of another node.

Don’t forget guys to check documentation: Tech Tree Editor Designer - Google Docs

Plugin is finally published in the marketplace! Enjoy guys! :cool:


Marketplace link here

Youtube preview is ready! Enjoy!

Any feedback / requests?

I got some request to access directly node widgets and arrow widgets of specific nodes. There are coming new utilities so you don’t have to use GetAllWidgetsOfClass anymore!

Update comes to MP soon!

Tech Tree Designer is getting update in the MP

New version was submitted on the 6th of May. Still has pending File Update, hopefully will be updated soon.

Plugin available in the marketplace for -50% price. Summer Sales :smiley:

Nice work! Any chance this can be made compatible to work in UE 4.20 ?

4.20 it’s a little bit late for that :eek:
I always update to the newest version and keep support for previous ones. I will let you know if something changes in this regards.

New update is coming to the plugin, here a little bit of preview

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