Tech & Techniques Behind Creating the Characters for Paragon & Game Jam Kickoff - Live from Epic HQ

Well, I came here to ask about the hair and translucency tech that I saw in the various trailers but looks like I was beaten to it by The_Distiller and mbullister.

Just adding a giant +1 to both of their sets of questions. Please tell us more about anisotropy and translucency improvements and whether we’re going to see that tech integrated into upcoming releases!

Wow, this will be a great stream. I love those FX!

I have a question about Lighting. Its it dynamic or built? If its baked how long did it take to build all of it?

Between existing games and those which are already in Beta (Overwatch), where do you see this game?
Dota, Hots, LoL, Smite, etc.

It was already stated, that this game is supposed to be fun > hardcore, so which of these games to you see as closest competition/rolemodel?

What about time duration of the battle? How larde-distance shooting units would be balanced with close fight units?

Do u want to make this game eSports discipline? And what u will do for it in future?

The stream will be about technical aspects of the game, not the game itself.

What are the system requirements to be able to run this game at a stable 60 FPS?

Also it would be informative to know what the PS4 version had to sacrifices on graphics, to get a playable frame rate. This goes for the PC, too. What did you have to ditch in order to prevent a slide show?

Judging by how detailed each characters are, it will be quite hard to add new characters to the game. What do you think will you be able the hero pool frequently enough to keep people interested?

On consoles, are Epic going to go down the chargeable DLC route with Paragon? I know they won’t, but just so my ears can here it!

Can you show us Animation graphs ?

Are the characters created using masking maps and tilable detail material similar to the infiltrator scene, or traditional unique texturing with detail maps? Or did you use substance designer?


+1 for questions about hair, skin, translucency

The characters are made up of a contrast of heavy surface and organic; Can you talk about the character art team and how you divide tasks, collaborate, iterate, etc

Are you going to implement community marketplace for cosmetic items (like Unreal Tournament \ Dota2)?

So many great questions!

A quick reminder - we’re covering the technology behind creating the characters and not able to answer gameplay related questions this time around. A lot of the great technical inquiries in here are also going to be a better fit for another group as well (lighting/shadow, etc.), but we will absolutely have the appropriate teams on this series of livestreams :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing all of you later today!

[Question] Are you’re using any kind of displacement (as in Tessellation) on the Terrain or is it a mixture of Landscape and Static Meshes?

Woah! Awesome!

Awesome! So stoked to hear more about the Tech side of this game!

Just a few questions though:

  1. What kind of Poly limitations were in-place for your characters?

  2. As a MOBA I imagine performance across the net was a priority, what were some considerations with regards to that?

  3. How do you handle Abilities, and what’s that process like?

  4. The lighting used for the game looks awesome. It’d be cool to get some insight into how that was set up.

  5. Are data tables used in any format for the initial set-up?

This has to be the best looking MOBA I’ve seen to date, and I think you all are headed in an awesome direction! Keep it up! Please, share more with the dev community on how some of that stuff is implemented it’d be awesome to start creating characters to submit to your team to potentially add. :smiley: So excited to get my hands on it to play!

P.S. I’m twitching for this twitch!

I really want to play at this game,
but just 2 questions : 1) Will be playable with a pad on pc ?

                          2) Its a game with all character available at the beginning (like dota) ?

How many UVs and how high res were your maps in general? Any plans to add a dedicated post on making a cloth shader similar to your skin shader wiki post?

i missed the broadcast , i cant find the upload anywhere :frowning: