Tech Dev to build UE scouting tool for Hollywood feature films

Looking to bring someone on immediately local (Los Angeles, CA) or remote to develop custom tools within UE4 to enable virtual production for feature films. Currently seeking to build the following:

  • a navigation system similar to the google earth vr experience where you can pull yourself around the scene, accelerated/decelerated movements, etc…
  • multiplayer integration. Think Director in LA and VFX supervisor in Vancouver sharing and communicating. Follow me, view what I’m seeing, watch what I do, etc…
  • live streaming positional data from third party programs that control objects in UE4
  • asset browsing and placement toolset

Please submit a one page resume with relevant work experience, portfolio, references, and relevant code examples (github, bitbucket, etc…) to:


Coding skills required:
C++, Python, Lua, Blueprints

Perforce and Git

Maya, UE4, Visual Studio

Project Tracking:
Shotgun Software and Jira

Bonus knowledge:
Otoy, Vray, Blockchain, Mobile Development, Unity, Animation