[TECH DEMO] Watch things fly - Custom Physics

Hi everybody!

I am working on a framework library (“Energy Library”) for my game concept and perhaps for sharing.
The demo shows off the physics of the library (and some other stuff I could not resist to play around with). About smooth gravitation and alignment of pawns along surrounding meshes with 6DoF.
WIP - implemented with Blueprints only - using UE4.12.0 atm.

Benchmarks (GeForce GTX970; Intel i5-3570K 3.4GHZ):
25ms Heartbeat: ~100Pawns ~60FPS
50ms Heartbeat: ~170Pawns ~30FPS

Download: Feel free to play around with :slight_smile: Linked in the post below.

Literally all additional Assets:

Energy Library:
Own reality → own freedom
Primary Part: Shared calculations between actors/components within same calculation cycle. (Shared energy-usage on player abilities; Shared AoE, kills, abilities between players,…)
Secondary Part: Custom physics and gravity for hovering/flying pawns.

  • Server authoritative implementation
  • Migrated into the Counterwill-Projekt for the Jan 2016 - GameJam, and still brewing within this project with other small test concepts.
  • I spent most of the time (far too much time ^^) watching things work and lerping the hell out of it. And still many tweaks required.

A shooter concept that does not depend on aim, precision and trained skill rather than what you are able to do, what you are willing to do and how you can use it against others.
In other words: My mum should be able to beat me. (Says the UT99+ player…)
(Or: A game where Alex can show off his gaming skills :wink: )
Anyway for the gameplay-feeling and mechanics I want to put up an own environment with own rules/constraints/possibilities and with custom physics.
Since I love modularity and reusability this library should basically be the modding kit for the game, to create the game.

Whats next?
Well the sheer amout of time i’ve already played around with the editor, makes the whole thing pretty serious.
What I would love to do: Try new things with UE, solve problems, share it, make people happy and still continue with my game concept.
What I actually should do: Do my business. A year ago my business plan was a social web platform, things somehow changed the longer i played around with UE.
Perhaps you guys out there, who have far more plan and focus than me with getting things done, can help me with my question: Does it make sense to share such a library on the marketplace and improve it in ways that people would like? Or should I rather focus on my game concept, that will result in a “first game”?

Have fun watching things fly! I am happy about any feedback :slight_smile:
(Thomas Leitner)

Happy Mannequins

Hi there, I would like to share some happy Mannequins with you :slight_smile:
I just wanted to test how they would look like with my hover/fly physics.
(After watching animation Tutorials and mentally preparing myself to deal with fancy stuff!.. all I actually needed to do for this quick test was sticking default mesh + the default animation blueprint into my EnergyPawn :eek: :rolleyes: )
Happy jumping :slight_smile:


Hi there!
I would like to share my Tech-Demo with you, that i have used for the Video.
It might lag on older pcs but since i have no specific goal for usage/performance i did not tweak it for now.

Due to the fancy stuff i am doing with Blueprints, i still need to wait for native compiler improvements to compile a native version :slight_smile:
The Sequence allows interactivity, feel free to mess it up :slight_smile:
You can stop the sequence at any time if you want to play around with the EnergyPawns.
Press TAB during the sequence and you will see how the settings are getting changed by the sequencer.

140mb, Prerequisites (UE4.12) NOT included!

Happy watching!

Watch Things Burn - UE4 Destructible Meshes with Physics Constraints

Hi there!
With the June Game Jam “Fire in the hole” my “Watch Things Fly” theme somehow evolved into “Watch Things Burn”.
I am still improving my Energy Library with my game jam project and solve fancy problems I actually didn’t expect to mess around with.
BP-only is quite a challenge some times but there is always a reasonable solution :slight_smile:
Since I am no artist I try to handcraft the “game characteristics” with materials and noise material/function only and with basic shapes. I also use and modify Particle Effects from UE4 demo content.
Sticking to UE4 assets is another challenge for now… to proof… something… I guess. But I am looking forward to burn some Marketplace assets as well :slight_smile:

My Game Jam submission with a bunch of game and tech details:

WIP burning things:

Happy watching!

Yay, got the AnswerHub Badge!

Well, the “I would love to do”-Part turns out to work much better for me than the “What I actually should do” Part. But I’m loving it :slight_smile:

Did not expect it to work out so well. When I suddenly was on top of the Karma-List I realized that this will be a Badge. I didn’t want to have the Badge by comparison with others. I wanted to earn it for myself, to give it a meaning.
That’s why i had to go full in.
The Badge-Challenge unfortunately is just about: Who is able to spend/share more time :frowning: A “10k-Karma” Expert who gets things done in his job, does not compete against casual procrastinators like me. It’s just unfair. So I wanted to respect that as well. (I really would suggest a more appropriate Badge-Condition…)

So I was happy to get my head into over 50 issues/questions this week to answer them. I spent the whole week for that because I blueprinted and tested pretty every solution before posting the screenshots. Sometimes like little tutorials with more explanation than asked for. Plenty of description refactoring to make things easier to understand. And people (like me) who look own issues up instead of asking them, are happy about people who have asked similar issues before, to bring up the required answers which are useful over the next year(s).

Thanks for the Badge [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] ! I will keep it in honor by investing some explicit days for better focus and fast response.
I know I am the only one who “cares” about my badge, so thanks for spending time to read my thoughts about :slight_smile:

Happy Debugging :slight_smile: Marooney