[Tech Demo] NEXTGEN Terrain Physics in UNREAL ENGINE 5

Take a look at the latest Brushify Tech Demo in UE5

Introducing NEXTGEN Terrain Physics in UNREAL ENGINE 5
With UE5 it’s now possible to rapidly create fully dynamic, interactive and photorealistic worlds.
The goal of this project was to create an advanced tech demo using Brushify, Voxel plugin, Ultra Dynamic Sky and the latest UE5 rendering features like Nanite and Lumen. Take a look at what’s possible when these powerful tools and assets are combined in a single real-time scene.

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Very nice demo (1000% persuasive)… Left with a question and a wishlist item. Wondering how all that the destructible beauty reconciles with collision and multiplayer worlds? 5 x 5 km is a decent size. Can think of many fun applications with that kind of space. But of course you always want more. Wondering if Brushify will ever cross paths with Planets? :crossed_fingers: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the possibilities really are endless! I will checkout planets, i haven’t tried it yet :slight_smile:

i can’t seem to find the tech demo , am i supposed to pay for it ?