Tech Art Fundamentals Series

Hi all

I’ve started uploading this latest round of tutorials covering the basics of Tech Art. It is aimed at someone who is familiar with Unreal Engine but not quite sure how to make shaders/materials do what they want. It covers the basic maths and shows the concepts visually, building up the concepts from the ground up.

UE4 Tech Art 1 - UV Fundamentals (link)

  • how UVs work
  • how you can manipulate them
  • offsetting, scaling and rotating UVs and textures
  • generating random numbers
  • random tile material

UE4 Tech Art 2 - Texture Splatting (link)

  • randomly splatting textures across a surface

  • varying their position, scale and rotation

  • making a procedural water puddle material

UE4 Tech Art 3 - Dynamics Damage Accumulation Material link (8 of 13)

  • how to use render targets
  • detect where a FPS weapon hits on a surface
  • draw a damage hit
  • basic smoke particle system
  • vary size and scale of hits
  • track which objects have been hit and only create render targets for hit objects by using blueprint map data type

Tech Art 4 has 8 of 13 uploaded and I will edit this post as more go up.

They were originally made for a another content creator and I ended up not being able to finish in time so I was kindly allowed to upload the content to youtube.

I hope you find them useful and let me know what topics in the future you would like me to cover. And it helps if you subscribe too :slight_smile:


This is like birthday and Christmas rolled into one. Amazing work dude!

Watched the intros and bookmarked the rest. Nice work! Future suggestions: 1

Great job, keep doing it

Awesome thank you for this

So much knowledge wrapped up in these tutorial series, thanks!

Great knowledge within. Thanks for the tutorials.

Ep 2 of #UE4]( Tech Art Dynamics Damage Tutorial is up!

how to…

  • create render targets
  • draw into them using scene capture 2d actors
  • draw into them using materials
  • set up a blutility to invoke drawing from the editor

Nice tutorials. I’ve been trying to get the widget ui render target to work elsewhere for various material effects and wondering whats the best way to go about it?

I’ve had some help on the forums and made a bit of progress for within the widget bp but id like to get it out and useful elsewhere like a normal render target and material. I’ve had to go the scene capture route for now but it’s worse for performance as I need to do it twice for my game.

Could you please take a look if it’s no trouble? Thanks!…t-for-material

Hmm I’ll have a read tomorrow. It bed time here in New Zealand :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Shaders have always been a weak point for me - will definitely follow your series :slight_smile:

Part 3 Ep 3 is up!

Part 3 - Ep 4…

Part3, Episode 5 - Drawing Damage Texture is up!

Great tutorials, Udemy quality, thank you for providing these !


These videos have been a great resource! Thank you!

Thanks again for these. Did you have a chance to take a look at my render target issue?

It would be really appreciated as im stuck with it for now.

Interested in this kind of Tutorials. I struggle to write my own shaders, so I have to rely on existing ones.
Thank you for this !

One area of the engine I want to learn more about…
Thank you for creating these tutorials

Sorry not had a chance as I’ve been mostly getting the rest of these tech art 3 videos finished. I’m not as familiar with UMG so I’d need to set aside some time to play with them. I’ll see when I can make some time.