Teaser-Film in 3D

Hey all :slight_smile:

I am new to the forum and I am quite new in Unreal Engine 4 but used to work with Unity a bit before.

For my current project I have a long, straight road and a car to follow it.
For a teaser video I want multiple cameras to follow the car and record it.

I guess I maybe need to run the track some times with one camera each time.
Anyway, I want to create a realistic camera movement.

Maybe someone knows some old films (e.g. Bud Spencer &Terence Hill) with a intro
just following one or multiple cars in different camera perspective. This is what I want to create
and I just want to check if some of you might have some tipps or advises.

I create all models on my own just need some help with the engine.

I add a picture of the actual car model, but it isn’t full modeled for now as you can see.

Best Regards,
Toby :slight_smile: