Tean working on same Level

Is there some info out there how to deal with multiuser in the unreal engine.
If two or three artists have to work together on the same level.

which parts could be split in several sub tasks.?
is it somehow possible to manage a team working on the same level.?

is there really no team working out there that have to deal with that issues…?

ummmmm organization and versioning

perforce is very beneficial when working on a team.

Levels are locked when checked out by a user, but you can split out into sublevels and divide work up that way.

I’m part of a fair size team where the ideal is a division of workloads based on individual skills to be able to preform isolated tasks so from a management standpoint scene management would be no different than say a large VFX project being done in a 3d app like 3ds Max.

The small details are best left to micro management by agreement and solve problems when they occur rather than trying to anticipate the problems at the start and inject obstacles that adds unnecessary time and additional work loads to service unnecessary requirements. In other words just get started and fix as you go along and over time the work flow will smooth out.

After that where and how the pipeline functions determines how the structure needs to be laid out from the start based on the type of network being used. Demands from a local network set up compounds if the project is Internet based project for example and the simple things like storage capacity, the lack of, would stop a project in it’s tracks considering the need to maintain source chains as part of the iteration process.

Could write a book but the best suggestion I could give at the moment is to sit down and plan things out, using white boarding, based on the type of network pipeline and current available resources thinking in terms of how it all needs to work five years from now and not on a foundation of what is required today just to get it to work.

So the answer to the OP is sure you can have as many individuals you wish working on a single project, we have already proven it, and all that is need is someone acting as the project manager to make sure things goes where they need to go and bodies of course to work on the project. :smiley:

I am curious, have you ever used sublevels in a team environment? I’ve tried and wasn’t very successful. I am hoping to find out how other teams use it and maybe what I did wrong.

Yes - make sure you have the perforce setup correctly:

Only one person can work on a sublevel at a time, but at least this is better than only one person on a level at a time.

The same sublevel can be added to separate multiple persistent levels as well.

What issues were you having?

I didn’t intend to necro this thread, but since you were nice enough to respond, I’ll share some experiences.

Here is a short list of things I have encountered:

  1. Inability to discern between actors that are in a sub-level when looking at everything in a map via World Outliner.
  2. Duplicate objects and weird errors when attempting to move groups of actors from one sub-level to the intended sub-level (somewhat related to above issue).
  3. Inability for blueprints in a sub-level to communicate with blueprints in the persistent level or the level blueprint.
  4. Lack of Unreal documentation or other entity use cases that showed what our team might be doing wrong.
  5. Abnormal learning curve and general confusion when new developers joined the project. This eventually led to time lost debugging issues caused by sub-levels (or moving objects between sub-levels).

Any of these sound familiar? Were we sub-leveling all wrong?

I created this new thread around the same time as my necro. Can we move the discussion there?