Teamwork With UE4?

How would a team of people use UE4 to work on a project simultaneously? I have a team of about 3 people and wish to maximize productivity by having us all work at the same time.


That’s a a good question and unfortunately there is no by the book answer in the creation of a bottom up development team. The fair answer is “wing it” and learn from the mistakes you make that is true with any project that involves more than one person.

It’s just a fact of development that 50% of what you do leads to failure and the 50% of success comes from building and moving forward on those failures.

As a start up though I found it best to look to the masters as to the ideals of what is success.

Give it a couple of years and you will be amazed of how much truth there is in a few words of wisdom.

Well before starting anything really, all 3 of you need to collaborate and put together a ton of concept work. While I am still learning a lot about game development (mostly level design), my work background is mainly the construction business, and I approach game development with the same ideals as I would building a house.

And just like building a house, it all starts with the blueprint, in the game world, that would be the concept work.

Once you’ve assembled enough concept material, now you can begin to split the workload. 1 person could start building prototype levels. The next person would be working on the framework (FPS? RPG? RTS?), like simple character input controls, cameras, and so on. The last person (since you only have a team of 3) would focus on asset creation with a program like max or maya. Characters, items, props, etc etc.

In the construction world, I’d call this laying down the foundation. Once you’ve established your foundation, you can start bringing in some of your assets and begin to piece everything together.

From there on it’s usually a lot of trial and error and play testing and continuing to build onto the foundation, like more character controls, inventory systems, or whatever your project requires.

You have a small team, so you want to establish a proper workflow. Focus on the basic foundation and functionality of your game.

I am in discussions with our coders and we may or may not attempt to get a collab server built in for UE 4 like in Hero Engine. It would take some time and all though.