Teams and the intricacies of the license

I’m sorry to post more questions concerning seats and a license but our small team comes from the world of modding and a lot of this is newer to us. so I’m here trying to really understand some things:

  1. we are considering making one game do all of us really need to buy an individual license to work on the same game? that already starts to add up.
  2. we think we will likely add more artists and coders as needed will we then need even more licenses? a five man team is suddenly over $100 just for the right to work on the game.
  3. if each person has this license and the license says 5% of the price from a unit sold of the game you worked on goes to Epic, would that mean every person who has this license has to give 5% back to Epic? in a theoretical 20 person team that’s 100% of the profit. but this sounds absurd as I type so this can’t be right

Sorry to be a nuisance,


Each team member who uses the UE4 source or tools should obtain a $19/mo subscription. However, if any team members can work without using UE4 (for example, working solely in Photoshop or Blender) then those folks don’t need a subscription.

The 5% royalty is per-product, and doesn’t depend on the number of team members. You should appoint one team member to be responsible for financial duties - receiving App Store revenue, paying royalties, distributing profits among team members, etc.