Teaming up for a motion capture system

Hi everyone,

I am currently working in an 8 people team and we are probably going to need a mocap system. Since we do not have much money at our disposal at the moment, I was wondering if there where other teams/people in the same situation and if they would be interested in teaming up to be able to work with one of these systems.

Let us know:

  • Your needs ( accurate fingers mocap? Two-people mocap? Other stuff?)
  • What specific systems you would like to work with.
  • How much money do you estimate to use to participate.
  • If you would like or not to re-sell the content obtained with such system in attempt to try getting back the spent money ( or maybe even something more).

Once there will be enough of this kind of data, it’ d be possible to evaluate the best options and reach an agreement.

Bye and happy development! :slight_smile:

Take a look at PrioVR… once they come to market (currently 2016), it should be one of the most affordable mocap systems available. It was designed for gaming, but… yea.

The same story was heard about the “perception neuron” and in the end it turns out that after the kickstarter campaign, it becomes something dedicated to animation and not gaming, with the price of the full suit going from about 500$ to 1500$. Imho teaming up will be the best option for a pretty long while. A 100% - owned mocap system ends up to be unused a lot of time (consider polising, cutting animations and coding them into the game) when it could be payed far less this way.

What about ipisoft? I see that some indie games use it? I tried the demo it seemed “ok” but don’t know how it would be for some advanced motions.

as someone who is part of a small studio that invested in a 24 camera optitrak system thats been used maybe 2 days in the last 2 years , the cost of high end mocap systems restrict their target market to large studios which have dedicated mocap departments or companies that exclusively do motioncapture work. It would probably be much more economical for you to rent some time on one after youve determined all of the movements you will need.

Even though Perception Neuron went up to $1500, it still seems to be incredible value for money. My company is getting a couple of those suits soon =)

The high-end systems are not the kind of investment I am referring to. I am referring to low-end stuff. The neurons would be perfect.

$1500 is pretty cheap, even if you’re an indie developer, for a mocap system. Even if you create all the animations that you need in a day, you can still use it to create other, different animations, for sale, in order o recoup the cost of the suit.

At least, this is what I’m planning on doing once my suit gets here.

In my humble opinion, 1500$ (not counting the software) for something that would (after the some uses) be left there taking powder and would require good time to recoup the investment is not the best option. That’s why I opened this thread. However, opinions are opinions and they depend on the particular situations of the various teams.

By the way… At the moment I have an accademic email address at disposal… I could make 600$ +600$ if someone else is interested in.

I’m not sure how much you really want to spend, but you could even use an Xbox kinect and a 3rd party software to get your basic mocaps and then you can clean them up.
I bought an Xbox 360 Kinect from EBGames for $25 WITH the USB adapter to use on the PC and did some MoCap with that. I tried using Brekel and iPi Recorder, both giving pretty decent results.
It’s all about the cleanup anyway…
So you could very well use a Kinect to get some decent caps for a VERY low budget MoCap option.

The ma in problem is the fact I would need accurate finger movement capture. Have you tried tracking fingers with it? How did it go?