Team Workflow

Hi!I would like to know how you use your source control system.

  1. Is there a way to work fast and quick update what i have done after 3-4 hours just by scanning what i’ve changed. i know it can be done automaticly somewhere but everytime i work on a file it takes so much time to compile and save when it is on.
  2. what is the best way to delete a file.
  3. where do i see all check-outed files fast instead of browsing all my folders one by one.
    and other tips for fast working please!

If you are using git from the command line:

  1. “git commit -a -m ‘what I did the last hour’ && git pull -r && git push”
  2. “git rm path/to/file.uasset”
  3. “git status”

If you use some other source control integration, you may be able to do similar commands from that source control.

Are you talking about code or content source control?

i’m talking about content source control , i personnaly use svn