Team work - SVN or Perforce support by UE4

Hi, i have one question.
What about team work? Now we use a Perforce system in unity project. And we need to know about UE4.

We use Perforce for our UE4 project.

UE4 supports both Perforce and SVN for Source Control.

Might be a redundant question, but what about Git?

There is currently no in-editor integration for Git.

Thats rather odd since the engine itself is on a github O_o :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this an in-engine feature like it was in UE3? I only ask because as of yet I have been unable to fine it.

Thanks for your help!

You access your source control settings from either:

  • The small icon in the top-right of the editor (usually a ‘no entry’ style red icon, but goes green when connected).
  • The File Menu->Connect to source control… option
  • Similar options in the content browser context menu & Blueprint editor File menu.