Team Selection help please!

hello am trying to make it so when player connects to server he can choose team A or team B and spawn according that
i couldent find anything that can help me get the way of doing that

can anyone help me past that ???

any one? have any idea how can i make it work?

Basically you give to the players “team identificator”… it can be integer 0 or 1, enum team or im using tags: “team0” “team1”…

Then on respawn get player identificator and spawn player to correct point…

However this is a little advanced, a bit more if you creating multiplayer game… i can show you my whole setup if you want but if you dont understand basics, i recommend you to focus on basics because making multiplayer is real pain. Choosing between A or B team is only 1 of 1000 problems.

do you have any guide or tutorial you knoow?

if you can help me i will be greatfull even if it will be just the start of 1 to 10000 problems

when ill be at home i can show you screens, or video… if you want to be intermediate blueprinter, i recommend you to finish
its a bit advanced tutorial but if you really want to make games, its very good start point, it will teach you very much.

i dont anything there for this…

I set default pawn for level a spectator class.

I then take the Gamemode of that level and use on post login to add umg based on if it’s controlled pawn class is spectator to bring up team select.

Set HUD I believe to a team select HUD class

In the my custom player controller I have a enum for team as well as a custom player start

0 spec
1 red
2 blue
Default 0

Then override on choose player start. Which switches on enum from player controller to spec, red, blue (Gamemode override)

Spec goes to normal start
Red and blue each get actors of class myplayerstart

The override choose player start where the enum splits to red or blue both get all actors of class myplayerstart, Use some checks to make arrays of both red and blue player starts. So we can then get one from the array to return as its player start.

Last tricky part is in the umg for team select when you choose red or blue you are changing the player controllers enum value for team and then using respawn logic do player is destroyed and respawned where it will go through the choose player start again picking up on its playerstart.

As far as team colors and such are used you may want to use the character node on possessed to again use this team enum to set a reference of the same in the character blueprint and rep notify that value.

In the repnotifys call all the cosmetic changes for skin color etc.

This is a complicated set of things to accomplish whichbim sure is why the above mentioned link was posted as you’ll need to understand a lot in order to accomplish this as a tutorial isn’t out there for this.

I don’t have time at the moment to make screens or anything. Gl!

Oh sorry I use myplayerstate to hold team enum not controller, controller holds the default pawn class

can you post images to show how its done?
am kind of new