Team Opportunity [Game in Progress] - Looking for an artist or two

Position filled!

Project Title:
Shooter Buddies

A first person, 4 player cooperate tower defense. Deploy on the battlefield with your friends or matched players to defend your planets core from invading robots. Choose from a variety of weapons and attachments to suit the needs of your team. Then adjust your player and weapon stats as the game grows. Succeed when the invasion is finished and the core survives.


  • First Person*]Multiplayer Cooperative*]AI

We Use:

  • Git with Gitlab*]Skype*]Discord*]Google Docs*]

Team Structure**:**
Bradon Hernandez
<Project Manager><C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting>

Dawid Kubas
<3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>

Talent Required:
<3D Animator> Position filled!

  • Create Custom Rig*]Know how to set up and work with animations inside of UE4*]Bonus: Know IK setup and usage inside of UE4*]Create the first person rig and animations*]Create the rig and animations for the player character model*]Create the rig and animations for each creature

We would like to work closely with you as we continue development. We are friendly and easy going individuals who have a drive for game development and we hope to hear from you!

Where are we at?:
All basic game play functionality in place including weapon choices, stats, suit modules, enemy AI, Main menu, graphics options, key re-bindings, lobbies, game progression, and win condition.

Skype: demise002
OR Forum PM.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Brief Creature List and Descriptions:
All of these creatures are functional at the basic level in game and have game ready models.

A basic ranged attacker that fires a weapon from his arm.

A basic melee attacker that holds a sword and can perform a charge ability.

A nimble spider mine that rushes and launches at the target then blows himself up.

A slow moving armored bomber that carries a large explosive and detonates himself on the target.

An aerial support unit that flies to and heals an injured friendly bot.

An aerial attack unit that “swims” through the air and can attack on the move.

A support unit that can buff allied bots, increasing their health and damage.

C4T Prototype
A fast moving, long range siege weapon that flees and avoids his attackers.

An underground unit that only reveals himself for a short period to attack.


Environment WIP

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Thank you for the interest, the post has been updated and will copy below:

Update 12/25/16
One art position has been filled

Potentially seeking one more if your skills include character art and animation. Animation is a MUST! pm me

the original post has been updated! Shooter buddies needs an animator !!! :smiley:

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I’m sorry! I had the wrong skype information in the post! its demise002