Team integration

Hello, I would love if there was a way for multiple users to be able to work on the same
world at the same time.

basic idea:

  1. developers can see in real-time edits to levels.
    so people can work on different parts of the map at the same time.
  2. developers can see changes made by the previous devs work.
    so ppl know where to start after joining a team.
  3. can lock files if they are being edited currently.
    to prevent someone overwriting new edits someone is already making.
  4. add an issue tracker for developers inside the engine to display non working code in red and easy error tracking.
    so ppl can select and highlight things in red, like comment blocks but when it is selected it shows in the issue tracker…
  5. team view that shows current progress and team member(tracking) to track what person changed what and when.
    so you can revert changes a developer did if they get mad and try to destroy your project.

I would like to see that too!

I would suggest checking out YannickLange’s MultiEdit - Collaborative Level Editing Plugin for your in-editor collaboration needs, while your suggestions in regards to in-editor bug tracking capabilities as mentioned here:

I’m happy to announce that me and my team have personally been working on that very solution (since April but serious development didn’t start until around June/July) and I’m sure you will find the list of features we planned and/or currently in development will more than fit your needs :slight_smile:

NOTE: If you’d like to be the first to know when we make our announcement for this UE4 Plugin we currently have in development, I would suggest following me on Twitter (, at least until we setup a proper forum thread, website and newsletter.

I cannot provide a solid release date but I can say that you will most likely be seeing a Beta at the very least before the end of the year :smiley:

this is fine but that guy’s “tool” has not been released and will cost money when released… I’m not looking for an “addon” to do this…
I’m asking for a realtime collaboration editor be added to UE4…

yeah exactly, google docs has this feature so it is possible.

The UE4 Plugin that we are currently developing will be released with both a free (basic functionality) and paid (advanced functionality) component to the plugin.

Also we will allow a team to use both the basic and advanced versions of the plugin side-by-side without requiring a team to purchase an advanced license for each individual user on your team when say only 2 out of 6 of your team require that functionality.

We believe by doing this we can get our plugin into as many developers hands as possible and only those which need the advanced functionality can individually update their license from the free (basic) to the paid (advanced) version at their own expense.

I believe you underestimate the complexity of a 3D graphics engine compared to that of a 2D document editor :wink: