Team Game

Does anyone know a way to have a team deathmatch style game.? I know in UDK there was a option that set the gametype as team deathmatch. Is there anything like that in UE4? if not how would i go about making it in blueprint.

Does anyone know how to do this?

you can look at the shooter game demo but thats in c++ , afaik you can’t set the team numbers via blueprints , like red or blue team.

So the only way to do this is with code.There is no way to use blueprints?

i’m not great with blueprints but so far i haven’t found anything that allows you to set the team number, there are a few people working on multiplayer projects using blueprints so you might be best to ask them or go to the answerhub and post your question there

Ok thanks i posted this on answerhub.

You should be able to assign an int variable on spawn right? Then maybe check to see what the int is for the other pawns. If another pawn has the same int then you do not attack. If he has a different int then kick his butt! Not sure if this would work but it seems like it should.

looking at the answerhub, it seems like a large project for something in blueprints, is there any more info on this on how its done

I’ve changed the BP’s so they can be used with any project and updated the download link, now it’s only 26kB.

thanks Thommie , i’ll make time this weekend to have a go

If anyone is interested, i could spend some more time on this to create something working with multiplayer and more like the UDK system.

If you don’t mind i would love to see that :P.

I’ve finished what i think should be enough to guide (with very few comments) most people. Please remember that this is in no way finished and ready to be used, just to give you an idea on how to implement teams similar to UDK.
About the blueprints, everything starts with the gameinfo’s event graph, if you work from there everything should be clear.

Stumbled upon this thread when I was trying to find a good starting point for how to handle teams. I for some reason could not wrap my head around how to best go about it.

Sooo anyways… Thank you for the starting point Thommie… <3