Team for project F:Ran [Updated]


I would like to get together a small team, to create a game.

the game’s name is F:Ran and it will be a fighting game with some exploring and some quests to do, but it’s main aspect will be the plot progression and fights between the characters which will be depended on the story.

**Shortly, the story goes like this: **
Ran Sugiyama is a 15 year old student who lives in Minami City, after the end of middle school he decides to enroll on an academy for lawyers that has connections tied strongly with his family. This choice has a bitter side to it though. It’s Ran’s second school of choice. Since he can remember himself, he always loved everything that has to do with swordfighting, but unfortunately his body has been born weak, making him not to apply for his first school of choice that has everything a swordsman would ever need! Tsurugi Academy is a place builded for the sole purpose of creating the best swordsmans that the world has ever seen! Even so, Ran was determinated to go to the lawyer school, when something weird happend. His childhood friend Pandora who aplied at the same time as Ran for her school of choice, took his application form and filed it herself. It looks like she switched the forms and now she will go to the lawyer school instead of Ran, which will enroll…on Tsurugi Academy??

What we have:
We currently have about 10 people.

4 Programmers
2 3D artists
2 2D artists
1 Writer
1 Composer

What we need :
3D designers ( MAINLY cause it’s a hard job, and it’s difficult to find someone who is dedicated to it without paying him)
3D Animators(to animate the 3D models. )
A cinematic director (we need good direction for the cinematics and the action scenes, we will need references as to why your ideas will be good for the peculiar scene. )
Level designers(to make a beautifull world for our characters)

The game’s mechanics will be close to Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games and it will probably have a more anime-like art style.

We want you if:
You have some expiriance:

**If you are a 3D artist: ( on blender, max3D, Maya, whichever 3d modelling program you like the best. As always you need more to be passionate about what you do, but some expirience is required to work on programs like these. if you are a beginner, it would take you too much time to complete something.)

If you are a 3D animator: (on blender, max3d, Maya etc. We need you to be able to take the ready 3d model and animate it. It’s a plus if you know 3d modelling too.)

If you are a director: (I will need you to show me, some of the works where you worked as a director.)

If you are a level designer: ( on Blender, max3D and 3D designing software in general. We need someone with a little more expirience at this job because it needs more detail.)

If you are a story writer: ( on writing. Simple as that. If you have any stories that you are writting, i would like to give it a read!)**

Lastly, i have to say that we don’t have a starting budget for this so i will put this on royalties section. If you are new to all this and don’t know if you are good enough to help, SO AM I! so be sure to leave a pm because you never know. You can also write me an e-mail and send it on And here is the link for our discord channel:

When we’ll have a demo for the game, i will make a Kickstarter for it and put it there. After we finish it, we will put it on steam and share the royalties. The payment method will be digussed when we get enough people and have made some progress.

Thank you all for your Time and Help!

So what you are basically saying is that you dont have experience in gamedev, nor in Unreal but like to lead a team of people who work for you.
Hum, I dont see how this would appeal to anyone who is halfway serious, dont you think also?
You might attract some naive people for some days tho, untill they realise the project is going nowhere and then leave. But what would you get out of it except frustration?

Well we are about 9 people so far. and we keep adding members.

also, i have expiriance at unreal. just not so much as other people. that doesn’t mean tha we can’t make something together.

I have experience in some 3D modelling (mostly furniture and what not) as well as light rigging, skills more focused in level design and I have experience in story writing. If you’d like to contact me, my Discord tag is BaronNoct#4416.