Team Essential Constitution

I’m trying to understand what is the essential/logical/ideal/possible core elements for a game development team.

  1. Game Scriptwriting
  2. Game art: concept design + storyboarding (?)

  1. UE4 level design: blockouts ad placeholder

  1. Modeling: environment, characters, props, etc
  2. UV Unwrapping
  3. Texturing/Painting
  4. Skinning
  5. Rigging
  6. Animation

  1. Audio
  2. UE4 level design/editing: lighting, particles, dynamics, gameplay mechanics, etc (?)
  3. Programming: UE4 Bluprints/C++

  1. Game debugging/QA testing
  2. Marketing

Parallel work:

  • What did I miss?
  • I know it depends on the project’s dimension but, for a starter indie team (starting out with crowdfunding and such), what would be the ideal and realistic minimum possible layout?
  • What areas could be merged together? (Examples: UV Unwrapping + Texturing/Painting (?); Skinning + Rigging + Animation (?))

I myself will do a bit of game Scriptwriting, full Modeling, a bit of UE4 game level design/editing, a bit of Audio and general project management. Game debugging/ QA testing would be done by eneryone and some friends, I suppose.
I’ll update according to feedback.
Every bit of information is appreciated.


Ad hoc, I would say:
-Legal department / lawfirm for copyright matters and stuff like NDAs, etc.
-QA (not the same as play-testing)
-HR and accounting (payroll, etc.)
Marketing would deserve to be split into two departments :

  • Marketing (for campaign design, tied with the art department)
  • Investor relationships (you will want to treat your investors different than your targeted player audience)

If more comes to my mind, I let you know :slight_smile:

Coding and blueprinting should go first. Get the gameplay right where you have it, you can use simple blockouts ad placeholder. Once you have everything working make it pretty. If you have an artist that can’t help with the programming he have an early start with making it look pretty. Also debugging and testing.

And before that comes the design pahse so you can efficiently implement it