Team Development | Real Time

Hello. I am coming from Hero Engine and am wondering if there is any kind of team resource of live team building tool for multiple developers who have an online studio.

Such as in HE you can see live in your editor what your team member is doing in his editor all real time so that you can all build levels in the same project at the same time.

This might require a central server for Unreal which might not be supported for team but i thought i might ask since i haven’t seen anything for teams yet.


**EX: I put a block in the scene on my editor and in the other developers window he will see that block be placed also

Nope… UE4 doesn’t have something as advanced.
Rama’s in-game editor is the closest thing I know but as it’s not in-editor it has it’s limitations (and it’s not released yet either afaik).

Thanks for the comment.

Does anyone else have any more info on this subject?

There isn’t live editing support in the editor. You can submit a feature request via the answer hub. But I doubt this is something that can be done very easily. A ton of complications would arise. The closest you could get to something like that is probably just to use some form of screen sharing. I know it’s not the same. Otherwise, you’ll have to use classic source control using svn or perforce.