Team Collaboration Problem

Hello, Good evening, I would like to start my game on Unreal Engine, only the problem is that I would like to create my game with several people who are not on the same network as me, is it possible to make Collaboration on Unreal Engine? Does it mean editing a file so that a person in the project sees the change? Thank you in advance for your help. Sorry for the mistakes of spells I am French. :slight_smile:

Hi there, welcome to the forums! I believe what you’re looking for is source control. Source control in the context of Unreal Engine means hosting your projects’ source code in the cloud so that your teammates can download it, and then whenever someone goes to edit a file in UE4, that file is “checked out,” or locked, so that no one can come in behind you and make changes until you’re done editing. This ensures that no one is overwriting each others’ work. As soon as you finish your editing session, you can “commit” your changes to the cloud, and then your teammates can sync their respective instances of the source code on their own machines with the changes made to the “master” copy in the cloud. My teammate and I utilize Github, and I recommend combining it with a Slack (chat platform) integration so that anytime anyone makes a change to the master build, Slack will notify you so that you’ll know to sync your local build.

Here are some links that can help you get started:

Best of luck!