Team Blueprint/AI Development/Landscape Sculptor + 3D Artist

I am currently looking for work developing in Unreal. Primarily, I’ve spent the last few years learning multiple aspects in blueprint from player controls, AI, level scripting and various unusual applications. I’ve worked on a number of small projects or solo or with a small team online through Git. I’ve also spent alot of time debugging my own code, helping friends fix code and re-work marketplace Blueprint assets. I’m knowledgeable and comfortable in C++ but I generally prefer Blueprint because it’s easier to fix problems (and doesn’t require hours of work checking spelling errors) Below are links to some short examples of pieces of projects I’ve put together.

I can’t say I’m a professional by any means yet but I’m constantly learning and expanding my skill set. I can’t entertain any offers for Royalty/Profit Sharing payments but other wise I’m willing to negotiate fees.

Inquiries can be sent by private message or email to [EMAIL=“”]

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