Teaching Sound Design in Unreal

Hi there,

I work in the music department at Northbrook College, West Sussex and we want to teach sound for computer games to both our college and degree level students using Unreal Engine 5. Do we require an educational license for each member of staff/student intending to use Unreal or do we receive a volume license?

Also, are there any tech demo’s available where we can teach the audio engine by implementing our own sound to the game? Ideally we’d like to teach the software using a small game/demo where the students can create music and sound effects and embed them using the real-time debugger. If the unit proves successful there is potential that we would expand our Sound for Computer Games unit to the to the Computer Game Development course that’s taught at Northbrook.



  1. There are several free demos from epic games on the marketplace where you can add sounds and other stuff -> but mostly you will have to delete the existing sounds (in the scene outliner) :slight_smile:
    e.g the Elemental Demo ( or the shooter game (

If you are an educator at a college or university, you can get either bulk licenses, or deploy a single license to multiple machines. Simply fill out the form on the right side of this page:

You can request as many as you need and let us know if you need more in the next semester.