Teaching a college production class making an animated VR short film - who can I talk to for advice?

I’m a college professor in Chicago and had a class approved where a group of 25 students and myself will be making a short film in UE4. It’s going to be a VR film with 2 human characters set inside of a sci fi shuttle/submarine. We’re starting in January.

I have a ton of experience using UE4 for making an animated film, but haven’t done one yet in VR and am not sure how a few things might be best approached. I’m hoping someone with experience might be willing to talk with me … someone who really knows the engine / sequencer / VR …

My (initial, at least) concerns are:

  • The whole film is realtime, with no cuts/edits, and is set in a shuttle that goes from orbit around a planet, into atmosphere, and finally under the ocean. I’m a little worried about all those realtime transitions (in the engine, not so much re: the effects of entering atmosphere etc). Figuring out if we should be using level streaming and how that’ll all work with sequence/s, etc.
  • Then, going from sequence to sequence seamlessly. The characters will be all hand animated (not sure about dynamic hair yet, we’re testing), and will probably have to be animated in chunks rather than each character having 1 MASSIVE animation asset for all 10 minutes of the film! I know from experience that the sequencer starts to get a little bogged down the more stuff you have in there, so I don’t think it can be just one sequence for the whole film. So it’s maybe going to have to go between multiple sequences – not sure how well that’ll work in real-time with no loading and how best to control that.
  • And I’m not 100% certain it HAS to be sequences. But if it’s not, then having the level blueprint, or a master sequencer controlling playback?

Figured this forum would be at least a good place to start!

Anyone with enough experience here that might have some advice for me/us?