Teachers needed

I have been looking for people that can help me learn UE4, you don’t have to know all of it.
If you know a good amount of a part of UE4 that would be helpful.

I always run into problems where i am doing a few things wrong that i don’t understand because Ive never done it before.
I just made a cube change color when it was hit. but i didn’t know that the parameter value in the set vector parameter value was actually important and not just some name you give it. This took way to long to find out
Its simple mistake that are holding me back the most. it would be extremely helpful to have some people to ask hey why isn’t this working to.
Not like the UE4 forums or a Facebook page this takes too long for a good pace of learning

I need a teacher that is able to answer questions fast or work though the problem with me so i can continue to work with ue4 instead of being stuck on a single small problem i am having
you can email me at or message me on skype TheRocker317

I think we all need a teacher for UE4. I share your pain.

You guys should join the Unreal Slackers Discord server, its a community of like minded UE4 devs ready to answer questions and eager to help out newer users to the Unreal Engine.

You can check out the Server by following the link at the bottom of my Signature.

Yeah, ill keep looking though. hopefully i can find some one.

What are you looking to know, or what do you already know? I know Character Anims Bp, Good amount of Event BP, Design, HUD, Audio. Let me know, I will tell or show you how to do what you are looking to do.

My email