Teach me C++ & Multiplayer Networking

Hello, I really would like to learn how to make multiplayer games on a dedicated server on my own using Unreal Engine & C++, and this is my plea for assistance from someone who has the skills & time to teach me, one on one. I’m very well acquainted with how to use Unreal Engine with many hours spent on it already, although I’m still not an expert on blueprints yet. I considered obtaining the MMORPG pack that is on the forums here but I realized it would not be enough help to teach me how it all works on its own and I don’t think I should count on having it’s developer teach me everything I need to know.

I’m mostly interested in assistance only with the coding and networking aspects as I have an incredibly difficult time finding step by step tutorials on those things in particular that would be useful to me.
I’d really like to learn how to replicate & save the game state of all variables for many characters, stats and items. I have been looking for others to teach me C++ for many years now, but there is always a roadblock such as, they are not proficient enough themselves in coding, or they don’t have time or lack interest in assisting me. Unfortunately for me my ideal way of learning seems to be different than how most programmers have learned. Most of what I can find that teaches C++ is oriented to singleplayer games or things that don’t involve unreal engine, or the videos are outdated, and the few videos on MMOs are mostly live streams of people making their own, many which involve multiple mistakes and irrelevant content.

I am ready and willing to learn. I am an adult & native English speaker.
The way I learn best is with one on one instruction(step by step tutorial), hands on learning, asking many questions and sometimes reverse engineering. I lose motivation when learning things that I don’t plan to use in my projects. If you have patience, can endure many questions and enjoy helping others, I’d love to hear from you. I request that you are very proficient in the English language so that we are able to communicate reasonably.

If you have any experience with either of the following things I could use your help:

  1. Multiplayer Networking, Replication & Saving on a dedicated server.
  2. C++ coding.
  3. Creating videogames both client & server side, which are playable on non Windows Systems.
  4. Creating very, very, very large open world, replicated multiplayer games without having physx, mesh or gameplay breakdowns when traveling very far from the 0,0,0: X,Y,Z coordinates.

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider tutoring me someday! :slight_smile:

I am still looking for help, please consider tutoring me. :slight_smile: I want to create something amazing.

C++ is Awesome, but not necessary to learn to develop a Mulitplayer Game in UnrealEngine 4. Learn Blueprints and jump straight in to Multiplayer with this Video Tutorial Series. Run in to difficulties? Ask questions here.

That is what Blueprints was designed for. So Game Designers can design game mechanics without coding. Many inspiring devs come here wanting to learn C++ but dont even know what the need C++ for.

I’ve been learning the ins and outs of Blueprints for the past Two years and there only a handful of features not accessible via BPs (now solved by C++ Plugins in the Marketplace).

I am developing MMO FP RPG Dungeon Crawler. I acknowledge that MMOs requires massive amounts of content. My solution is to create significant variations using smaller parts/pieces assembled into larger entities. Thus, I’m Firstly developing In-Game, Multi-user, High Density, Modular World and Entity Construction System prior to any game mechanics.

Good Luck to you.

Am I reading this right, for a lifetime of expertise / Rama-mind-meld… You’re offering nothing in return???
The hope of creating something amazing someday… Sure, but what you’re asking is a bit on the ‘rich’ side. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want this too! In fact most of us do, all for free and in a nicely packaged easy download-of-knowledge.
So guess what??? Get in line dude… Or… Get out a credit card and start booking slots with Rama etc… :slight_smile:

If you have time / flexibility, why not offer to be an unpaid intern at Squad / PUBG??? See what happens…

Thank you for your links and advice I will take a look at all of it. :slight_smile:
Will P R O T O S, appear in the Unreal Marketplace? How much will it cost?

I am offering potential friendship, & maybe even more than friendship if it happens, (hey you never know :wink: ha-ha ) You also get the satisfaction of helping another human being. Not everything in life has to cost something. If you are saying that you want the same thing that I do, have you even tried asking for it as well? I see you have thousands of posts so I don’t want to have to look through all of them to see if you actually have or not. For something so in depth & difficult I prefer a friendship rather than someone I’d have to pay, as that would get me nowhere fast having to pay them, in my opinion. I think knowledge should be free, the issue is some people don’t have any other avenue to survive so they are hoarding their knowledge so that they may earn a living, others are looking for greed, others don’t have the time, and others may feel that if they had to endure climbing that mountain, then why shouldn’t everyone else?, so you can see where my opinion on all of it lies. In all honesty I’d prefer someone to just code whatever I ask them to, but because that is much more unrealistic I figured I’d go the teach the human to code route and feed them for a lifetime. :cool:
I really want to iterate that even though many people are coding or making games for a living, for me it is something I want to do first and foremost as a hobby, I even consider it a form of art, if you only look at it from a business perspective then you will only see dollar signs, rather than the perspective I am looking at.

For me this is the equivalent to have a job without paid, have you been working for 8 hrs of your days without payment?, I understand your point when you speak about of friendship, but I think teach someone is not the case, now regarding the whole point, the actual knowledge is free, the full source code is at your disposition fully commented, also the community posted tons of wikis and tutorials, all we need to do is read, try by watching the live stream, usually they are very comfortable and friendly to learn, to be honest personal tutoring is overvalue, it will be better if you learn by yourself

It is true that for you and perhaps many others it would be like a job, but it doesn’t mean it would be the same for everyone, and all it takes is one person to be a teacher, although with tutoring such a complicated subject I feel a friendship is necessary because you will be spending a lot of time with the person, so there’s some minimal compatibility involved in the tutor and student which is also unfortunately never a guarantee. Also, this is posted in unpaid job offering, so it’s not like what I’m asking for is out of place here, have you even noticed that many of the other posts here are asking for way more unreasonable things than I am? The knowledge is not necessarily free, and I will elaborate what I mean by this; Everyone has a learning style that suits them best (whether they realize that or not is another story) most people are brought up in society knowing one type of learning style through public education. I learn best by social, one on one, step by step instruction, hands on learning (Most public & higher education is not like this, it usually involves step by step instruction but usually lacks the other three I mentioned.). The vast majority of what those in the programming/developing communities suggest and recommend to me are in direct opposition to my learning style. We can all admit that programming is one of the most difficult subjects to learn therefore accompanying my learning style/s would be ideal.
If it will make some of you feel better, you can imagine I’m just looking to hire an unpaid intern. :cool:

Hello Websa,

As much as I desire to publish PROTOS in Epic’s Unreal Marketplace (UMP), it is too complex to fit as a Blueprints Module or Template. It is more so a Application developed with UnrealEngine that can be embedded into other UE4 Project as it 100% Blueprints thus far.

In its current state, I would market it as a 3D Content Management System, offering High Level Content Creation by assembling Entities from Pre-authored modular 3D Parts/Pieces. This assembly can be used to Manually and Procedurally (Random ) pre-fab Entity variants pre-game and customization in-game.

I will consider stripping it down to suffice as a BP Module which would be very valuable as in Content Creation. ! would publish to the UMP with a fair price of $39.95 and offer supplemental ‘Parts Packs’ in TheGameDevStore.com.