TCP Socket Plugin Question


I find in the Marketplace this plugin : TCP Socket Plugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

[COLOR=#000000]I try to connect windows Ue4 4.26 app to Android tablet Ue4 4.26 app for communication. The goal is, tablet send data to windows app to control ue4 app. I set static Ip on Netgear Router for each device, and i search what is the next step.[/COLOR]

At this time, i have 2 project, One on windows, Second on Android.

[COLOR=#000000]I use “Connect” node in my Tcp Communication blueprint in each app and my parameter is, the IP of other device to connect to other device,

I print “Connected” when is connected, but not work, how to connect properly 2 device with this plugin please?

Or with my problem, have you another solution ?



I noticed that you asked a question about the TCP Socket plugin, did you receive any answers or did you find out how to make it work properly?
Personally, I have some issues with it too. I create an object with and when I run my simulation I manage to connect to my server and at the same time send a word which is received by my server. From my server I send a word too and my TCP Socket object hears it and shows it to me on the screen. But, I can’t get anything at all when I try to send an unreal client note to my server in, for example, merchant on a specific area with a colision event … I can’t link " send data "to another object than the connection object …
If you finally managed to use it maybe you can help me out, if you feel like it.

Thank you