TCP/IP local client help


I need to get UE4 and Matlab to communicate for my project and I am having trouble. I have constructed a simulator in the editor and my supervisor said the next stage is to get the two programs communicating. In Matlab I have set up client/server scripts that can send and receive data, I just cannot get my head around the UE4 side of things. :frowning:

Ultimately I would like to send data from Matlab to control the playercontroller and recieve data from the game.

This is all new to me and self taught and I have experience coding in Matlab, C and VHDL but not C++.

Any help would be appreciated, Thankyou :smiley:

I’m doing something similar except that I use generated code from Matlab and we have an in-house developed Posix C server that uses shared memory semaphores and runs each model that was developed in Matlab in a separate thread, so that they can all share their inputs and outputs with one another. I created a dedicated UE4 server in Linux that hooks into the local shared memory server and Windows and Mac clients can connect to it and start the simulation. So essentially, we’re just using UE4’s multiplayer configuration as our networking platform and we have a middle man doing the work between UE4 and Matlab locally. Not sure if that helps any, but it may give you some ideas. :slight_smile:

Hi clarkie53,
I’m working on something similar at the moment and I#m wondering if you’ve been successfull with your application!?
I’d love to get to know more about Matlab/Unreal communication.