Tchernobyl/Pripyat enviroment assets


Im on holidyas over cristmas and i need a new project. So here my idea:
What about a enviroment bundle with wich you can create Pripyat/Chernobyl like enviroments.
Radioactive abondenned and raided ready to tell a deadly story.
I will add vegetation with trees flowers bushes fallen logs mushrooms…
A landscape with around 8 layers of detailed brushes.

It would be a very huge bundle and i would create the assets so that you can easily create different buildings.
No idea about the prize yet or the size.

What do you think?

I can see this being really useful:

Modular assets (building 1 + building 2 [then components within each]) and then usable in a pretty wide range of projects (soviet era, contemporary, post apocalyptic, sci-fi). And you perhaps breaking it up into a building pack and a vegetation (region specific) pack, which can be used together or not.

I have a general desire for worn industrial environment assets (concrete and metal heavy), leaning toward high resolutions (ie polycount and 4k; planning ahead).

Gauging interest is tricky though, as those who say ‘will definitely buy’ do not translate 100% into sales.

It wont be that simple. Collision needs the meshes to be seperated to work fine, so i will create tilesets for buildings wich work twosideways. So you create every buidling from Floors, Walls and Ceils in basic.
Im currently experimanting with detail and displacement nodes to get a huge amount of detail on the screen. This project will very well kill my pc :smiley:

You would make it from scratch or travel to Pripyat/Chernobyl to make a photos?

Theres plensy of material about these zones and i dont intend to recreate the buildings. I just take the artstyle and bruteforce it into meshes :3

Don’t try to steal from Dayz now hahaha. :smiley:

as a marketing aspect, it would be amazing :wink:

mb, at some point, i would travel there and make some photos, i just google it, for me it would cost around 200$

Every time I see those shotsI go… “50.000 people used to live here… now its a ghosttown”

silly cod4

Trying to steal low res bad quality assets? Yee sure who would not do that.

I second the notion to make the pack a modular set of pieces you can use to construct buildings rather than tileset buildings. Much more useful for most of us IMO. That said - would be a good idea either way.

I will start on this in short time: beginning with the landscape multilayer.
I will use reference photos to utilize some textures, maybe i find out how to do a landscape displacer.

haha, yeah awesome game.

I would be interested :slight_smile:

Just dont put yourself it harms way for us. Lots of wild dogs in the Chernobyl area.

Definetely interested in this one! Tell me please if some interior assets would be included. What is the supposed resolution for textures?

Texture resolution will be between 4k and 2k. I will use special techniques to make the detail very heavy.
Yes here is the scale of this project:

1 complete set for living buildings
1 set for factory assets
1 set for streets road and pile
1 set of debris and details
1 simple set of foliage
1 set of furniture
1 landscape material with 8 brushes

Im not sure if i can make all of it. But i started with interior and exterior.
And yes i played all the Stalker games, like all of them plus the mods and the standalones.
Im realy in love for that artstyle and i will put giant effort in making it looking real. :slight_smile:

It will be a huge giant pack and i will create a showcasemap wich will have around 1km²´size.

Please please make this. I really need something like this for a game i want to work on :slight_smile:

I would love this and would most certainly buy it. can you make the interior of some buildings, i dont entirely care if the interior is emty, but if it has halls and rooms thats enough for me to want to purchase this

im working on it, but its a slow process. It already has much stuff, but my techniques for 3D are evolving every time and i start over again.

Theres is this problem most people realy dont realize… Building assets like these make alot work, you have rules to stick to and you dont serve only one group of customers.

I hate baking light, but i have todo support for it.
I hate these overly expensive wasting pbr techniques with textures that cant fit your screensize.

This will take its time and im not even sure if i will release it for unreal market, since gumroad would be way easier…

But im on it.