TC: Missing files in the cooked TC

I am missing any DinoDropIventoryComponents, SupplyCrates, ItemLootSets, HarvestingComponents and Dino_Character_BPs which originals i edited after cooking the TC. Help please.

Could someone confirm this or am i the only one with that error?

I’m running into this as well.

After you edit these, where are you putting them? And are you renaming them?

No. For a TC you just edit the originals. Then you cook as a tc. Thats all.

It’s being built as a total conversion, so I’ve been following the laid out workflow and editing the base blueprints in the content directory. Dino remaps work fine when done as a data mod, but that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m getting to the point of frustration where I’m debating whether or not it’d be better just to use the item remaps to use the game mod behavior and just include duplicates in my mod folder so that I can finally push out my mod as a total conversion.

The cooking function is definitely behaving strangely for me, as it will cook and include PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Inventories, as well as a few other folders, but then completely neglect to include PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/ItemLootSets, and PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/HarvestComponents

Makes even LESS sense when it’s not including ANYTHING from the Dinos folder into the cook output, when the SoTF data files lists a Dinos folder as part of the modifications. To me this says that there needs to be a reference to the files made somewhere to ‘call’ for those items to be included in the cook, but from the provided instructions the cook algorithm is supposed to detect changed base items, and automatically include them as part of the cook process.

Recognized that as well … So there has to be a working method to cook TCs i guess. Else i can’t explain SoTF …

We still need a fix on this. We are unable to make total conversions!

I figured out a way to get the files to be force-included in the TC cook process. It’s kinda hacky but it passed muster when I tried it last night.

What I essentially had to do was open the PrimalGameData_BP and add basically what amounts to a loopback reference. You have to add in an NPC remap to point Dodo_Character_BP to Dodo_Character_BP, and any other dino/supplydrop/harvestcomponent you wanted to make changes to. Like dis:


Ah cwm33, there’s an easier way, and sorry we didn’t mention this initially, I’ll update the original post now: when cooking a TC, you should also cook TheIsland, because various assets are only referenced within that map (Dinos, etc). Even if you haven’t made any changes to TheIsland itself, this will ensure that all assets get “checked” for recooking in the TC. That should do it for you :slight_smile:

Well, it finally works. But seriously 60 minutes of cooking. Additional 80 MB of data twice (2 additional maps i did not edit). Is that realy neccessary?
I think there is much room of improvement here.

I re-cooked my TC including TheIsland as a map definition, and the first attempt it threw all sorts of wonderful errors about the shader compiler crashing. I then set the processor affinity to the devkit to high, and created essentially a 200gb page file on one of my SSDs. It was able to cook, and included the missing files but it took two and a half hours to finish. The size of the mod also went up by 230MB to include the map data that I haven’t modified at all. Are there higher system requirements for a TC build perhaps? I have an i7 @ 4Ghz with 16GB of RAM, but I can always expand my RAM if need be.

Two and a half hours is absolutely brutal for a cook time, especially for any sort of rapid cooks for testing bug fixes. Is this basically the fate of anyone building a total conversion? or is there a way to cut down the cook times?

The next update of the dev kit will make cooking TC mods much faster, you won’t need to select TheIsland as the map of your TC anymore too.