TC crashes while loading

So my Total Conversion (sound edits) works fine in the editor, but as soon as I cook and load it, it crashes at the Populating Ark screen with this error message:

I’m using the generic mod folder as a base to cook my mod, some people told me it might be an error in the cooking process.

I appreciate any help!

Make sure you’re using the latest launcher build of the DevKit, as yes there was an issue with TC cooking but that’s exactly what it was I think, the error was during cooking, not after a successful cook and in-game.

Judging by that crash stack, there is something wrong with the ZoneManagers… have you touched these in any way? Have you set the TC up correctly? There is a thread here somewhere from Kenturrac about setting up a TC.


Already figured that it’s most likely not an issue with the launcher, tried it with different versions, including the latest one. I never touched the ZoneMangagers, they’re not being cooked at least. I’m sure it’s a problem with my Tc setup, but since every tutorial uses different steps on how to setup one, I’m having a hard time doing it correctly.

Right now I’m using the generic mod folder with the GenericMap, the TestGameMode and PrimalGameData.