Tbro Games - Omniwar - Capable C++ Programmer Needed

Project Title:

Multiplayer FPS with extremely diverse map, character, and ability set.

Progress Details:
Our team has been working on Omniwar for 2 years. We are a very tight nit team with open communication. Our second coder has dropped out (because of his day job) and we are looking to fill his shoes. We have a linux dedicated server functioning with Steam, Voip, etc. We also have build automation/deployment in place with Jenkins and code reviews via GitLab. I am looking for someone that I can discuss code architecture, perform code reviews with, and help us get to the finish line. I have been coding all my life so please have a strong coding background.

Team Structure**:**
Team Lead / Lead Programmer - Ethan Thornburg (me, Bachelors in CS, professional dev)
Character / Weapon Artist - Daniel Belville
Environmental Artist - Matthew Thornburg
Animator - Nick Wittock
Audio Composer - Logan Dougherty
Community Manager - Megan Thornburg

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer

  • Good C++ knowledge *]Multiplayer experience ]Good communicator (slack)]Dedicated worker


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Still searching

No other coders looking?
We recently added a software engineer from Riot Games part-time; thought I should update this thread.