Taxi Stunt Game


I’m trying to make a race game to learn something more about blueprints in Unreal Engine. I chose a race game because I’m really interested in cars.
In the image you can see what I made so far. For most of the time I did some research on spline meshes and the vehicle blueprint.

Here’s a short list of what I want in the game.

This is a screenshot with a simple HUD overlay.


I made a city block and some assets to define the art style of the game a little bit better. I want to stay with the low poly feel and the flat color textures. Upcoming week I’ll try to make some other buildings such as a tank station.

this guy does an article on some of the methods they used to make this taxi gamejam entry in ue4, you might find it interesting

I will definitely check it out. thx :slight_smile:


No buildings this week, I did some research on how to let road pieces fit together. Eventually I made some.


This week I made some progress on my blueprints. I did some research on tire smoke and hit particles.

Hi all

Here are some final screenshot of the game. At the beginning of this project I wanted to go for a low poly art style but I ended up with something totally different. I left the taxi part behind and went time trial race game.

cool, looks like tron a little