TAXI"s Thread

HI Koola!
Very Great works!
Thank you for config!)

I have improved your method of lighting
Test render 1:

Test render 2:

The links don’t work and the attachments are way too small.

Can you use to post the full res images for us?

They look nice :slight_smile:

@Sky_Shrimp: Sorry about that, this post and the images were moved from another thread earlier and the links must have broken during the process. I just edited the post above to show the full images. Thanks!

the second image looks so awesome, any settings and setup to show would be so useful, keep em coming !

its Koola config (.ini) with max lightmass and halfsphere reflector+spotlight at window

this limit capabilities of the engine at the moment, as far as I know

if properly arrange the sources giving a soft light, you can get a very realistic image

if the developers will improve the “Use Emmisive For Static Light”, a large number of reflections and quality (optional), it will be possible to create a more realistic and detailed color GI

My first Earth shader.

Clouds and shadows move


Just wondering, do you play halomd on Mac TAXI?

HI, no

write post after 15