Tavern UE4

Hi there My Name is Romain, and i’m friench so sorry for my english a little poor. I’m a beginner in level design so here is my first work in UE4.
I tried to design a tavern like an Elder scroll one and i need advices and critics to improve my skills in level design from professional and experienced guys.
I used assets from a few different packs like the 3 Infinity packs and the pack Bumping Pubs.


I think you’re off to a good start but there’s definitely still some stuff missing. Right now it still looks a little too clean and empty. I’d add a few more tables and chairs to make it look a bit more crowded. Maybe make two or three different types of chairs and tables (EDIT: I just noticed that you’ve already got two different types of chairs - maybe just mix them a little more?) so they don’t all look the same? You could also add some wax drippings on the floor beneath the chandelier and perhaps a few cobwebs or dirt/dust in some of the corners, on the chandeliers, etc. Perhaps also try to make some parts of the floor look more worn than others. For example, the entrance area and the area in front of the bar, where you’d have the most cutomer traffic, would probably look way more worn than the floor beneath the tables, etc. Also, a few scratch marks on the floor around the bar where the bar stools would’ve been dragged around. Maybe also add a ladder so the upper part of the room is actually accessible? (Unless there already is one and I just missed it.) But yeah, I think other than that it already looks quite good :).

Oh, I’d also say that the wax shader looks a little too shiny at the moment, so you should probably revisit the roughness map on that one. As you can see in Dontnod’s PBR chart, wax is actually relatively rough (granted, the wax in the chart is a different type of wax but still):

I LIKE it. Better than bethesda. Would love to work with you.

FrozenHarlequin thanks a lot for your critics, i’ll re work my project but before i have to download 3DS max. I have to learn also how to do vertex painting and then i will apply your advices :slight_smile:

JohnRose81 Thanks a lot john it really encourage me! As i said before i’ll re work my project and prepare others, thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi guys! I made few changes in my scene. Here the final screenshots of my tavern.
To be honest, with my currents knowledges, I can’t see much to add in right now BUT all your coments are welcome to improve it as much as possible :slight_smile: