Tavern by the road

Hi, UE community :slight_smile: My first post here, so I hope I’m posting it in right thread.

So I’m working on this tavern project. Got this far by now.

I’m having trouble with the lighting in general though. I wanted to achieve natural interior lighting just with combination of directional light coming through the window and skylight, but I had to add some point lights, because some parts were too dark, so it doesn’t look too natural. On top of that I have artifacts appearing in some places, and I don’t know what are they caused by.

Second thing that’s bothering me are too opaque extrerior shadows. Shadow from the pillar is visible on the wall, but not on the ground.

So here is interior lighting setup:

World settings:

Directional light settings:

Skylight settings:

Post process settings:

Any tips on how to improve the lighting and get rid of the artifacts?

Love it :slight_smile:

Dusty and dark, heaps of atmosphere.

The only suggestions I can see to make are that the stone walls on the outside pic look a bit flat and maybe think about adding a fireplace in side (it looks cold, brrr)

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I think the walls outside look flat because of the lighting, which isn’t proper yet as I mentioned. The plaster walls are also blown out and lose details outside, but are better visible inside. There is fireplace (picture 3) but it isn’t lit as I didn’t want to add artificial lighting yet. I want to achieve good resaults with only sunlight for now, after that I will do night scene with lit candels and fireplace.

Example of a lighting I want to achieve


Great job ! The atmosphere is very cool. I’m waiting for to see this scene in a rainy night, with the lights of fires in the tavern :slight_smile: Really great for RPG !

Yess this will be my goal for the second version of the scene, for now I want to acheive good daylight lighting. :slight_smile:

So this is final video for now, as I had to finish it for school in time. A lot of things could be improved (models, materials, lighting in general, shadows are to opaque outside). But I will probably come back to it in the future, add second floor, try night scene, add candels etc.

Add some dirt and weathering and it’ll really fit into the location.

Yes, will add that, when I come back to it in future. I tried with deferred decals for dirt but they were really hard to notice…I guess it’s becease strong exterior light. I have to study lighting and materials more :slight_smile: