Taunts, Gestures and emotes animation pack

100 animations

50 taunts
50 looping poses

Now Available on the Marketpalce…animation-pack

Starting a new animation pack that will contain various taunts, gestures and emotes.
Any request for an animation you would like to see added? I am aiming to get around 50 animations for the pack

To start with I have made a key pose for many of the animations that I plan to make for this pack

some progress of the animations in engine. will be doing a clean up pass on them when i get more done

More Wip

I will be taking requests for this pack, so if there is anything people would like to see added let me know

All are looking good but I think you might also consider adding “more subtle” talking gestures. Some of these are “over-acting”, not suitable for normal conversation. Just watch any movie where actors are talking to each other, you’ll see what I mean by “subtle movements”.

I will be doing multiple animations to each main pose, the ones that I have done more the taunt / emote style, I will do pose loops and regular gesture style as well.

Here are some more taunts

All 50 taunt animations are almost done.
here is the 2nd half of the pack

After a bit of clean up, next I will be doing looped versions of the key poses.
I have decided to split out the regular gestures or another pack just focusing on them.

Now submitted


I still do not have a release date for this pack that I submitted on 06-01-2017 and was approved a week later

Still on the pending list. I have a pack that I submitted over a month after this out already

Looking good, Ill definitely consider once its up.

Pack now available

Bumping this up as it was never added to the new section.

On sale for the next week. 30% off

sale is still on but only for a few more days