Tata Fantasy Firefighter

Hello everyone, how you’re goin?
Here i am showing my little project i’m working on from several months already.

Yes she’s a firefighter cat, inspired by our cat, that usually don’t fight fires but maybe she’s dreaming of, who knows?

There isn’t really a game yet, it’s more of a mechanics demo to showcase the ideas i have for the final product and it’s still deep in developement, i just landed the first big update with a huge load of emprovements and new stuffs.

Hope you all like it and i would like to know what you’re thinking about it, feed backs are always welcome!
Cheers <3


Hi there @illgib81,

Hope you’re well and having a wonderful week so far! :slight_smile:

Solely based on the sleeping cat image, the project is already absolute perfection. The environment is definitely my favorite part though. The bright green trees and shrubs, the adorably chubby chickens, and (of course!) the design on the cat villagers. I can’t wait to see what you turn this project into.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks to you!
I’m pretty good despite the melting hot temperature we have to deal in this days XD
Well credits have to be credited it’s not fair to get praise for someone else work, most of the assets are from the marketplace, i used them as a starting point to boost the developement, i modeled the cat characters and some of the furnitures, but i wanna gradually make my own. I tried to make modules for the houses but it would have taken too much time and at this stage i prefer to focus on the core mechanics, even if it’s risky to get too attached of what i’ve used so far XD
If anything i have a reference of what i’m heading to visually.

Gave it a spin already? What you think about the gameplay?

Hello everyone, the new update finally just landed, after a pretty rough post summer developement.
Hope you’ll like the news and as usual, feedbacks are welcome!

Adorable. :+1:

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