Task wait delay with branch and bool not working how I expected. Help?

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to all of this and just trying to figure stuff out a little at a time. That said I have a problem that I just cant make sense of. I have it set up so that when a player teleports it sets a HasTeleported bool to true. Then the next time the player tries to teleport it checks the bool and if its true the branch sends it to a task wait delay that waits 4 seconds then sets it to false, then allowing the player to teleport. The first time this happens it works just fine. After those initial 4 seconds however it then allows the player to teleport as often as they want for the next 4 seconds rather than making them wait again.

The reason I want the delay is that when they teleport a widget displays a texture telling them where they just teleported to for a few seconds and flashes and all that jazz.

Anyway, heres a picture of my blueprint, and sorry if it’s messy and nonsensical, I’m new and mostly learning through trial and error. Till now I have mostly stuck to just modeling and level design, so getting this far in the process has taken me days.

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Solved it myself. The solution was to make the true condition empty and move the set back to false right after the last remove from parent when the message is done displaying. So simple, I feel dumb lol.

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