Tartarus on Greenlight

In the year of 2230, Mining and Research vessel Tartarus (MRS TARTARUS 220478) activates the security protocol near Neptune without any sign. The only chance for crew to survive is to reach the Bridge and restart all systems one by one before the ship crashes into Neptune. We are playing as Cooper(miner of the ship) who has no education or training about electronics or pilotage; to overcome this, vessels engineer - Andrews- is helping us as much as he can. Though it’s not as easy as it sounds…

TARTARUS is a First Person game with Action elements, set in terrifyingly dark sci-fi universe. In TARTARUS, you will play as Cooper. You are trying to hack the ship’s systems via using “Terminals”. Hacking the ship is the real challenge. You have to use specific Terminal commands, which are very realistic, to make it work. Sometimes you have to search “Items” to get information which you need, to solve problems. TARTARUS has retro style elements like iconic sci-fi movies.
Adventure, action, fear, the pressure of being closed and isolated. The unpredictability of life… We know you are expecting a good game. You are on the right place. Welcome to the TARTARUS…

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Here is the link to support the our team’s first game project Tartarus on Steam Greenlight.


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Wow, this is incredible. I have one question for you, for my own game project (its a mix between dead-space and alien isolation) how did you make that terminal system so fluid? My terminal system is made with 3d worldspace widgets, could you offer me any insights on how you did yours.

This is my terminal system - YouTube

I also voted for you on greenlight.

Many thanks, Calvin

Thank you for your comments. We actually used 3D widgets. Maybe there is a problem in post process settings.


Your game looks interesting, i saw all the trailers, looks cool, i voted yes :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

And has been grenlit!! :slight_smile:

Terminal secrets :slight_smile: