TArray's in Delegate Declaration

Hey there, is there some kind of special voodoo magic to get a TArray of items work with Delegetas?
I can declare stuff and get no compiler errors. But when i try to assign stuff in the Blueprint Editor i get a blueprint compiler error as show bellow:

In this case its a custom ustruct. The delcaration as a single element works like charm… just tarrays wont work :S

Wrong forum.

why they are defined in c++ and exposed to bp the same thing in pure bp works… so please if you have nothing to say and be like tl;dr… dont comment thanks.

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It is not that. It is just that you are asking about blueprints, even if you are asking why C++ works and not blueprints.

It would be better if you could ask someone in the Blueprints forums.

Another suggestion is that you linked to the wrong event data blueprint node. You need to find the right node type in order to get rid of the error.

Just if anyone else is struggling with that… make sure to pass a constant reference


Thank you , it works like a charm!!!

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