TArray not editable in BluePrint


I set a property like this:
UPROPERTY(EditDefaultsOnly, Category = test)
TArray Impacts;

When I go in the editor on this property I can add element but they are in readonly.

What did I miss?
What should I do to be able to edit them?



Is it a TArray of structs?

You should compare your method using a simple array of FName or FVector to make sure you know what the issue is

if the simpler data types are working fine, then it is an issue with editing the struct type in default properties


The type has been removed from my original post.

It’s a Tarray of int8



yea this is a known issue

try using uint8 or int32 just to confirm this please

for Epic readers of this post :slight_smile:

int32 is working fine.

Is there a place to see known issue because I search on this topic before posting and I didn’t find any interesting topic talking about this.

#Epic Please Address Int8 Not Editable

I dont think so, but this issue should be brought up again anyways :slight_smile: