Tarkov style Souls-like (gameplay footage)

Hey everyone,

For a long time I have wanted to make a Souls-like version of Escape From Tarkov, so here I am to see if people are interested in something like that and if anyone wants to help me out!

The idea would be to have a hub town where you can interact with other players and craft weapons, armor and potions etc. using the materials and items you gather from the world.
And then queue up for a specific map to either farm more materials, do quests or engage in PvPvE.

Here is a little video of the very very bare bones combat system


When you want to set off for adventure you can queue up for a specific map you want to play (maybe that map has more iron which is what you need right now) and maybe invite some friends and form a party for the Raid.

In the Raid you will be up against A.I opponents as well as other players!
Fight to the death or maybe join up with other adventures to take town a far stronger opponent.
A.I enemies would consist of low level grunts and small time enemies that by themselves wouldn’t pose much of a threat but if you get outnumbered or maybe another player group comes up while you are fighting you might be in trouble.

There would also be boss type enemies that would drop rarer materials and equipment for the player but would also be a much more daunting task to undertake.

Maybe you just enter a Raid solo to farm wood or maybe you go in to farm rare Gems from the bosses…or maybe you just go in to hunt other players and take what they have, the choice is yours!


Throughout the different maps you would find material nodes scattered around such as Trees, different types of Ore nodes, Plants & Herbs, Animals to hunt and skin.
In loot containers you could find specific crafting materials like Sword molds, Rare Jewels, Crafting schematics etc.

The items you can bring back home with you will be limited by a Tetris style inventory system with the addition of weight to consider.
Brining in a backpack will greatly increase the amount of stuff you can bring out of the Raid but it will also slow you down and make combat much more difficult.
During combat you should temporarily drop your backpack on the ground to minimize your weight, after the fight you can go back and retrieve your backpack from where you dropped it.

Dying in the Raid will result in you being sent back to the hub town naked with only the items in your stash remaining, similar to how Escape From Tarkov works.

The Stash is a permanent inventory that is unaffected by death in raid, you can store items and materials here to keep them safe before entering a Raid.
The space in your Stash will be limited but can be increased by leveling up and crafting upgrades!


Leveling up wont work the way it does in other RPG’s, Stats like Strength, Dexterity, Health, Stamina etc. will be determined by the gear you have equipped and potential magical buffs you have active.

Leveling up your character will primarily focus on arbitrary things like Crafting skills, Harvesting skills, Stash space and more!

XP for leveling up is earned by doing Quests, Harvesting Materials, Crafting Items, Killing Enemies, Surviving Raids etc.
Once you earn XP it can never be lost, dying does not affect your XP or Lvl so even if you died in your last raid you will still be making overall progress by leveling up!


The equipment would be primarily all focused around crafting and trading, you might find a broken sword on a dead enemy but the weapons you craft will be of much higher quality.
Of course there is always the option to loot other players in the world after you defeat them.

While crafting you will increase your crafting skill related to that particular type of armor or weapon.
Higher crafting skill means faster craft times and better quality armaments!
Add Gems and enchantments to gear to add stats or bonuses like Extra Health or Lightening Damage or maybe you just want a pickaxe that gathers more per hit!


For players who would just want a place to test builds and weapon combinations you would have The Arena.
A place where you can queue up for a 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 battle with other players.
In The Arena you don’t lose any gear or items when you die but you also can’t loot the other players if you win, it would be a place purely for PvP.

If anyone is interested in a game like this or wants to help bring it to life please DM me or leave a comment below!!


New Video!

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It’s a very interesting concept.
I’m intrigued to know what will happen with the combat system in the end. Because melee combat system is extremely difficult to get right in my opinion. Especially when the game is PVP focused.

Please keep us updated if you make any changes/improvements in combat system!

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Hey Peyman!

I am currently smoothing out some issues and plan to potentially do a public test with just the pvp system in an arena and really stress test it under load!

If you or anyone else is interested in joining let me know!

Small update video showing some more PvP and a little of the PvE content I have been working on!

I’m interested to join your public test. Do you have a discord server?

No discord setup at the moment but I will get one up soon!

When the public test is ready I will PM you!

Small little video here showing of back stepping and one of the ways it can be used!!

And also I feel like I am super close to a public Arena PvP test!

I have setup a Discord server for people who are interested in checking out the Combat test!

New Video from the latest playtest!
Still some bugs but we are close to a public playtest!

Join the Discord: Project: TarkSouls

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Early stages of the Inventory System!!

Join the Discord: Project: TarkSouls

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New Environmental artist has joined the team!
Please welcome Froggity!

Already hard at work and delivered these new models today

Public Test build v0.1!!!

Probably a lot of bugs and issues but there is only one way to find out!

Multiplayer runs off Steam so you must have Steam launched in order to play with other people.
Multiplayer is also Peer-to-Peer so you may not be able to find a match with reasonable ping and I apologize.

If you do encounter bugs please post them in bug-reports in our Discord Server if you can!!

–This test is exclusively to test the PvP environment and no other features are currently available.–

Video Preview!

New Update live from the same download link!!

Full Patch notes can be found on our Discord