The plugin is intended for switching between the specified actors in the game. Inside the plugin there is an interface TargetSelectionInterface and actor component TargetSelectionComponent. The component has a spherical collision and dispatchers. The first time you click on a given key, the actors that are in collision are added to the component array, the interface method for the first actor (observed), the monitoring start dispatcher and the switching manager for the current actor are called up.
See more at…ki/Maintenance

Fix bug in RemoveAndSwitchActors when IndexOfCurrentObservedActor get negative value.
Now if bIsSwitchToFirstActor_WhenRemoveObservedActor == false and remove observed actor then switch to the next actor in the array.

The update will appear on the marketplace as soon as possible.

Hi, can you put an example updated to at least 4.25? The example is good for 4,22. I have some problem to understand. I do this:

Hi! You can convert the project to another version in one right mouse botton click on *.uproject file. Than choose “Switch Unreal Engine version…”.