TargetPoint and Actor Has Tag not working

I have two tagged TargetPoint objects in my map and hoping to find them in blueprints by specified tag.

This is the blueprint code that’s supposed to find them:

The TargetPoint has the RedCamera/BlueCamera tag on both the root element and the actor itself, but I can never find them. What am I doing wrong here?

I can confirm this bug. TargetPoints do not return any tags (4.7).

This problem is present as of 4.9.0 :frowning:

Are you sure you are entering the tag name in the right slot? There is a component tag and an actor tag in the details panel of the target point. You should use the bottom one for Actor Tag. I’ve just tested on 4.9.1 and both actor and component tags work.

Bahaha! Took me forever to realize that. Thanks for making me aware of “component tag” and “actor tags”