Targetize - 100% Blueprint targeting system


Hello everyone! My blueprint asset Targetize has just been released to the marketplace. This is a simple 100% blueprint targeting system which is intentionally basic but customizable enough to allow further extension and building other features upon it. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Marketplace link
Documentation link

Targetize exposes 2 actor components: The TargetingComponent and the TargetComponent.

The TargetingComponent attaches to your character blueprint to provide targeting capabilities. Highly customizable which allows switching between various tracing methods (FrontBox, Capsule) and target handling (ReplaceAll and Append). Has configurable targeting prioritization based on distance or custom ‘weight’ value to allow fine-grain control of how targets are selected.

The TargetComponent attaches to whichever actor you would like to become targetable. It also exposes event callbacks to allow you to perform custom actions when an actor is targeted or detargeted.


  • Easily add targeting functionality to your character, simply by attaching the TargetingComponent. Set targetable actors by attaching the TargetComponent. That’s it!
  • Customizable targeting methods (Front box, Capsule)
  • Targeting prioritization based on distance or custom weight.
  • Event callbacks on targets when targeted/de-targeted.
  • Provides a basic targeting functionality and it is designed to be extensible.
  • Set max targets to capture
  • Toggle targetable/detargetable option on the target actors at runtime (i.e. when an enemy becomes invisible)