Targeting Audio in UE4 - Beginner Question?


I’m completely new to using Unreal Engine and I was hoping someone could answer this really basic question and help me out a bit?

Basically I’m trying to learn how to create sounds in FMOD Studio and implement them into UE4. At the moment I am playing around with some of the games available on the Epic Launcher - Learn section. Such as Tappy Bird, Strategy Game etc.

Using Tappy Bird as an example, my question is: How do you target the audio that is already in the game (such as noises when the bird dies or whenever you click the mouse etc) and change them for your own sounds that you created in FMOD? I know how to create sounds in FMOD, I’m just unsure when it comes to targeting sounds in Unreal.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!

Anybody able to help with this at all?

I see you email I have not experience with FMOD but, did you following this tutorials?